sábado, 14 de novembro de 2009

i did it!! i got it!!

Been there, done that: I brought home three pieces from the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection!!! A beautiful scarf, the sandals I wanted since July (!!!) and a bracelet. And you know what? It was my boyfriend who insisted us to go there - I woke up and thought "It's 10:00 am, I won't get anything, forget it". Well, I was wrong. Today should be called "solidarity between fashionistas day" or something like that - all my things were catched up from girls I didn't knew who had access to the restricted shopping area. Thank you so much, ladies! Pics later, it's a promise. 

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The Stiletto Effect disse...

Olá :)

Boa!!! Fico à espera das fotos ;) sortuda! Eu não fui lá... não tenho paciência para filas :P mas fico contente por ti e curiosa para ver as tuas peças :)

Muitos beijinhos
Susana R.

Anónimo disse...

lol... tudo por umas peças de roupa. futilidade?